Project Access is a physician referral program. If you are interested in Project Access services, you must establish primary care at one of the clinics listed.  Your primary care provider will refer you to PA based on medical need and specialty availability.


Enrollment Primary Care

Medical Homes: Members are screened for eligibility at these safety nets clinics and receive primary care, patient education for chronic disease and drug assistance services.

Enrollment Period

Members are re-certified annually by their enrollment clinics. The enrollment period is based on their most recent certification and is printed on the PA ID card. It is important that your staff makes a note of the members’ eligibility date when (s)he checks in.

Project Access ID Card

For specialty referrals, members receive a PA ID card and are required to present at every Project Access appointment. The member's eligibility date is printed on the card, along with the name and phone number of their referring clinic. If there is a question about eligibility, call the Project Access office at 919.554.3762.